Kesser Garden hose

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  1. Requirements
  2. Flexibility and length
  3. Good workmanship
  4. Application so far
    1. In the garden and at the bed
    2. Automobile
  5. Storage
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Me and my wife were looking for a good garden hose. It should be as flexible and long as possible but also well-made.

I searched the internet and found a product on Amazon. The Kesser garden hose.

My order confirmation from Amazon


I did not want to buy low-budget hose and then no longer use it, but rather spend a little more and have a product that I can use more often.

Flexibility and length

The only water connection we have in the house is in the kitchen and therefore it will be necessary to pull the hose through the living room to the front door. This path leads past two doors and a window and that’s why we needed a hose, which does not become rigid as soon as pressure comes on it.

My wish was that it is best connected once and never has to be dismantled. It has to be so flexible that I can roll it up to fit in our base cabinet.

Good workmanship

In our living room are a lot of books and of course they can not be damaged. Similarly, everyone should know that you can not use water damage in the kitchen so the good workmanship was important to me accordingly.

I have no water connection in my garden that I could say that it does not matter if the hose would burst for a few seconds.

Application so far

We own and use this hose for two months now and I would like to tell you a bit about my experience.

In the garden and at the bed

My wife has already used it to water our plants in the garden and also sprayed the bed in front of our house with it. Thanks to the flexibility, I was also able to clean the entire house wall with the hose.


I had big problems with my car until recently. For the repair, it was necessary that I put pressure on my cooling circuit to keep my cooling circuit clean. Also that I could do with this garden hose without problems. The specified length is adhered to in any case.


I simply have the garden hose in my kitchen cabinet, connected and always ready to use. If there is no water pressure on it, the hose will contract so that it can be stored without any problems.


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