Keep Gutenberg Script order

to avoid save validation errors

  1. My scripts
  2. The solution

I was working on a Gutenberg project today as I did every day. Although all scripts ran without any problems and I ended up with a validation error. How could that be?

My scripts

I’ve actually changed everything on the Gutenberg Core what you can change.

  • All blocks have been given new attributes.
  • All blocks have got a sidebar.
  • All getSaveElement functions have been filtered.

When I used a block, it was saved normally, but when I used a self-written block, which uses Gutenberg’s innerBlocks function, I got a validation error.

The solution

To solve the problem I changed the order of how the scripts are executed and it helped immediately.

I first enqueued the scripts that manipulate the blocks. This means the block filters. After that I have enqueued my registerBlockType functions. This solved the problem.


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