Kamperland – Roompot Beach Resort

After the first day I wanted to inform you about our experiences ...

  1. The accommodation
    1. The invoice
    2. Curious
    3. Arrivals
    4. Equipments
  2. The location
  3. Activities
  4. Supermarket
  5. Eat

In my last post i’ve already mentioned that we will spend the weekend in a beach house in the Netherlands. In the current post I will do a cost summary and write my opinions, so you can also think about whether it is worth it for you or not.

The accommodation

We have booked the accommodation on the website of Roompot. Roompot is the company that provides the beach houses. There are three apartment types available for the beach in Kamperland:

We decided us for the 40m² version and that’s why my review will only deal with this variant.

I took this picture today at noon.

The invoice

I booked for 2 people.
Arrival is on Friday 05.04.2019 after 15:00.
The departure is on Monday 08.04.2019 before 10:00 clock.

Stay € 534,00
Tourist tax 6 x 1.23 € 7.38
Special request surcharge € 27.50
Deposit € 65,00
Total amount € 633.88


Only when I copied the bill to here, I noticed that I was charged a tax for 6 people, although I booked for 2 people. I also noticed that I have paid a special request surcharge, although I have not booked a special request …


I got a mail from the company a few days ago with a pin. We arrived in the middle of the night and went directly to the beach house with our luggage, without knowing if we even come in. The route from the parking lot to the beach house was not lit. But we had our cell phones with us and so that was no problem at all.

The houses are clearly numbered and there is a pin pad on the door. There you enter the pin that you received by mail.


We have no extras such as bed linen or breakfast booked. Nevertheless, we had the following materials available when we arrived:

  • 2 dishwashers tabs
  • 2 garbage bags
  • information brochure
  • 1 toilet paper roll
  • 1 cloth
  • 1 sponge

The following furniture and rooms are available:

  • Living room / kitchen with dining table, sofa, footstool and 4 chairs.
  • Fridge with freezer
  • Cutlery and plates as well as pots and cups
  • gas cooker
  • Coffee machine (tabs)
  • water heater
  • WC
  • Two separate bedrooms with a private shower
  • A terrace overlooking the beach, equipped with a patio table and 4 chairs.
The air conditioning is really easy to use. You just have to set a temperature and the heating automatically regulates the rest. That’s not like comparing some of the other hotels and apartments I’ve been to.

The location

It is very quiet here. Almost all houses are booked by families with children. I had already considered, if loud music is played here but it is amazingly quiet.


There are various offers to participate in. There is an sign where all attractions and their prices are listed. I photographed this one for you.

Otherwise, you can also just have a nice walk on the beach.


On the second day we already had to do some errands that we forgot in the stress of yesterday at home. Nearby there is a direct Aldi, which is reached by car in 6 minutes and by bike in 10 minutes.

Had I dealt with it earlier, I would have packed a lot less stuff and bought it here.


There is a restaurant with a pizzeria here. I really wanted to test the pizzeria, not because I needed it. I just wanted to write about it in my blog. The card looks like this:

We ordered a Pizza Margherita and a Pizza Funghi to take away. That cost us a whopping 19 euros. The price was as expected very high and I was curious if it would taste accordingly.

Arriving at the beach house we cut and ate the pizzas. I asked my wife how many stars she would give for this pizza if 5 was the maximum number. She said that this pizza does not even deserve a star and that was not an arrogant statement because I agree with her completely. Even a warmup pizza tastes better than what we got there.


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