Islam – True or False?

Love and do not hate!

  1. 3 big mistakes in Islam
    1. 1. Force
    2. 2. Violence / Terror
    3. 3. Hate
  2. Conclusion

Although we live in the year 2019, where the world is more connected than ever, and people have access to information as never before, I see daily that people are still unable to distinguish between tradition and religion.

Above all, people are still unable to separate religion, tradition, and personal attitudes.

3 big mistakes in Islam

I’ll write some sentences here about the prejudices about the Muslims, so you can get a picture of what is factual and what is deliberately radically portrayed.

1. Force

There is no force for headscarves in Islam. It is prescribed that every Muslim should cover his head and for women there is a more detailed description of what is to be covered from the body.

However, a woman decides for herself if she follows this order and puts on a headscarf or not. In my 30 years, I have never experienced a case where the wife or daughter was forced by the family to put on a headscarf.

Always freedom of the woman is advertised by showing a comparison between the woman in a headscarf and without a headscarf, but today everyone should know that piety has nothing to do with freedom.

2. Violence / Terror

If you would do a survey and ask people what they think, which is the most violent religion in the world, most people would type Islam. Apart from the fact that most of these people do not inform themselves, the mainstream also takes some blame.

Islam is associated with the deeds of ignorant Muslims, thereby fueling fears. For example, “honor killing” is attributed to Islam, although there is no such thing in Islam at all. I am married to a German woman and was actually asked how it works with the honor killing, if my wife wanted to separate from me …?

In addition, jihad is also misused as a synonym for war, which term stands for “effort” in Islam. For example, the Islamic books say that you have to do jihad with yourself to become a better person. Every Muslim understands that he has to make an effort to become a better person.

3. Hate

It is suggested that Islam fuels hatred of all other ethnic groups. Something like that does not exist. The Quran says:

And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge.

Surah Al-An’am [6: 108]

This means that no Muslim is allowed to make fun of other religions because that only causes these people in return to make fun of Islam.

Did you know that at a time when the Arab countries were still dominating Islamic, there were mosques right next to churches, and when the prayer time came, the Christian went to church and the Muslim to the mosque? Why not?

I as a muslim went to visit a church to look at the Easter service and none of my friends or relatives has ever asked me what that is supposed to … Here’s the post:


You should finally get out of the age of template thinking and go out and look at the environment and the people. Do not be afraid to talk to other people. Go to each other! For example, if you are standing at the bus stop, put your smartphone away and talk!

  • Even though Buddhists of Myanmar are literally slaughtering millions of Muslims (Rohingya), it does not stop me from loving my Buddhist friends.
  • Although at least 1670 excesses of children abuse in the church have occurred according to a study, this will not change the fact that I will teach my children the tolerance towards the Christians.
  • Even if the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are constantly oppressed and killed by the radical Jews, it does not prevent me from drinking coffee in Antwerp with a Jew and talking to him.

Hatred only brings hate! After September 11, more innocent people were killed in the Pseudo Liberation War in Iraq than in all Islamist terrorist attacks combined. Who benefits from that? Nobody but the press and the gun lobby.

 You are not robots, you are not animals, you are human! Maintain humanity in your hearts and do not hate, only those who are not loved hate, only those who are not loved. 


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