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Slowly but surely we are moving towards the finish!

  1. What's next?
    1. Collections
    2. Last stand
  2. Conclusion

I’ve been working a lot on the function of favoring in Islam Archives in the last few days. This means that the users of my website will be able to mark any content as a favorite for easy access later. I have already tested the feature on the Koran page and have been able to add suras to the favorites list and remove them from there.

In addition, I’ve also been working to get users Meta’s and change them. User Metas are for example:

  • e-mail address
  • gender
  • first name
  • Name of the father
  • name of the mother
  • Etc…

This will be useful later if I want to add advanced features to the web page.

What’s next?

I mentioned earlier that my goal is to make the Koran page fully operational. That’s why I have to program some functions. These include:


I want to give users the ability to create collections. This means that the customer, for example, should be able to create a collection called i.e. headscarf and then, for example, be able to save Quran verses in this collection.

Last stand

I want to use the Koran page to persuade people to read the Koran completely. I try to simplify that as much as possible. One should be able to read on the Koran page exactly where one left off. That also applies to every sura. So, for example, you should start Sure Bakara and then read on next day Sure Ali-Imran where you left off.


I try to program the functions as well as possible and therefore need a long time for the implementation. As soon as the Koran page is usable, I will definitely release a Pre Alpha version so you can test the page and give me some feedback. But I think that will take some time.


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