Is Google now racist or the internet?

If the keywords recommendation from Google shocks you ...

  1. What is it about?
    1. The funny part is,
    2. The sad thing is,
  2. Conclusion

I’ve always seen these highlighted companies on Google Maps and wanted to know how I could highlight a company as well.

Because I have our mosque in my Google Business account, I just wanted to test if I can manage to highlight the mosque on the map. During this process, however, I noticed something incredibly raging but at the same time funny.

What is it about?

When you create an ad, you have to enter keywords so the ad can be targeted.

Google searches on the current occasion terms, which you can then take and right there was the problem. Google has offered to display our mosque when people searching for:

Quran, terrorist attacks, Shia, shooting
Screenshot of the mentioned page

The funny part is,

that Google can not do anything against. Google simply searches the entire searchable web and simply suggests words that appear most frequently with your category.

This is an artificial intelligence, which then automatically calculates you, with which terms you get the most visitors. Unfortunately on the wrong side. For a news, a video or a blog post that might be a hit, but not if you want to promote a mosque.

The sad thing is,

that once again it was clearly demonstrated what kind of bashing is still going on. I mean, we’re heading for the end of 2019 and things are still going happily.

When we tell people, we are always portrayed as conspiracy theorists, but once again a clear evaluation of the statistics has been put in front of me.


Let me be honest with you. I currently have no hope that this will change in the near future. It is currently running well for those who benefit and no one else cares.

I do not know how long this social media hype will last, but there is currently no end in sight. Once this hype is over and people focus more on what’s important, we can talk about a better world. Otherwise not.


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