Is a car subscription worth it?

Why I think it could be worth it for me.

  1. The calculation
    1. My Honda Civic Hybrid
    2. Car subscription at cluno
  2. Conclusion

Yesterday I told you about the new rental car flatrates and would like to tell you what I currently pay for my car and if that would be worth it for me.

The calculation

I’ll reveal my whole bill for a year, so you understand why I think a car subscription would pay off for me. I have my car just 6 months so I just have to calculate the insurance as if it is 12 months…

My Honda Civic Hybrid

  • 4000 € car purchase
  • 96 € tax
  • 600 € insurance (12 months)
  • 760 € Brakes swap completely
  • 1200 € cylinder head gasket
    • 6656 € total

Car subscription at cluno

  • 299 € entry fee
  • 3108 € (259 € * 12 months)
    • 3407 € total


A car subscription costs me only half of what my current car costs. Most of the time people come up with the argument that there is a kilometers limit. I have noticed that I drive around 1000 kilometers per month and at cluno I have monthly free kilometers of about 1200km. That means it even fits there. That’s why I think that this offer is already well for me. What do you think? If you disagree, please tell me at


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