Eighty-four percent of surveyed marketing experts say that their companies have budgeted for Influencer Marketing in 2017.

  1. Democratization
  2. The beginning
  3. Trust

Today, social media platforms are the online databases where people can present their opinions and projects. The most ads are made by claiming that democratization gives everyone equal rights and the same reach as everyone else.


History has taught us that democratization is a farce. People actually think they have the same reach as all the other participants, but they quickly notice the opposite, as soon as they are in it. This result is the largest documented by the policy. For example, people believe that they have the same chance as any other political party. The biggest difference, however, is that the small number of parties everyone knows, have also very large supporters. These are the only ones that appear on television or not, you have officially tens of millions of donations (unofficial donations excluded). The moderators and TV shows are also paid to talk positively or negatively about parties.

However, if one party really manages to win people’s trust, even though the others have all the backing of their sponsors, it will be ensured that they have problems. They are badly talked about and attacked in public with the hope that they will stop by themselves. If not, other means are used to simply turn them off. These can be YouTube channels or parties.

The beginning

It all started beautifully in social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook etc. and everyone had the same justification when posting on social media platforms. Not too late, however, the industry has quickly realized that there is a large gap in the social media platforms and people are increasingly reluctant to trust television. Instead, people follow people they trust on YouTube or facebook. In the Age of Capitalizm, it was already clear that no one would deny money from the industry and so it started out secretly that corporations paid the Content Creators to showcase their products, no matter if they were good or bad. No matter if they are used by the so-called influencers or not. From television we already know that a person can lie for money, even though that person knows very well that what he does is morally unacceptable.


Influencing means in simple, you just say things even if you dont aggree with it, you have to lie. You say something for money that you would not normally have said. Influencers earn their living simply by taking advantage of the trust that people / children put in them. Another type of business like influencing is called promoter.

The sad thing about this story is that people actually believe that this is a good thing, even though they only trade trust for money and break the social media’s added value.


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