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I am increasingly witnessing that certain leaders do not trust their workers enough, even though the workers do all the work.

This means that, for example, in companies or institutions, only a handful of people determine everything, and the lower layer must rely on those decisions. This leads in the long term to fluctuations and instability.


For example, if the art director decides which system the programmer should use, that will not work!

If the manager, who has never designed anything, plays the art director, it will not work!

If the designer decides what functions a website has, that will not work!

It will not work?

When I say that something will not work, I mean that it is such a bad concept that it will definitely collapse in the long term. Every successful company and every successful institution is only successful because it leaves the work to those who are also trained in this matter.

One of the richest men in the world is Jack Ma. He has this company called Alibaba Group, which is the operator of the shopping site aliexpress. It is one of the most successful shopping sites in the world and even supplies corporations like Amazon and eBay. Keyword dropshipping. The clue to this story is that Jack Ma can not program. He owns a company, which is a Paypal alternative, among a lot of companies but does not know the system behind it. He follows a very simple principle. To let all those work people do which are better versed than him.

If you want to do it well, it’s best to train the new generation yourself and hand it over to them.

Two simple steps

First, the supervisor has to admit that someone else is better suited to the task than he is. He really has to believe it. How much he believes in it becomes evident in the second step.

Second, he must entrust an employee with this task. His trust is measured by how much he gives up control. The more control means that he has less confidence.

Of course you have to steer the boy or the girl in the right direction at the beginning but it is important to gradually let go.


Unfortunately, you can see this problem in every industry and that’s completely normal. It is normal for a person who has built a business and made it successful, to think that success lies only in his decision.

However, the only constant is change and one can not stop change. It may be that the person has made his business successful, but you also have to pave the way for the new generation.

The success of any company is directly linked to the smooth transition to a new generation.


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