If changing spark plugs ends in horror

As unnecessary as a pipe break in a wall ...

  1. Water loss
  2. Change spark plugs
  3. How it goes on

Today was a car day again and as you already know, that’s not my favorite pastime …

This time it the spark plugs had to be changed, what once again my brother wanted to change for me. So I drove to him so we could start. He already knew that my car has been losing a lot of water for some time now. But we have never been able to find out where all the water is going. The engine compartment is dry as well as the underbody and the interior.

Water loss

My cousin was there today as well and he checked the inner of the oil cover. He said it is very frothy and has made his first guess. Cylinder head gasket broken.

Then i said that we should rather change the spark plugs and if the cylinder head gasket is broken, we would see this.

Change spark plugs

Said and done. The work could begin …

Already with the second spark plug we had the first confirmation on the assumption of my cousin. The spark plugs have shown signs of oxidation … I’ll show you a comparison so you can make yourself a better picture.

How it goes on

We have now changed the spark plugs and want to look at the further course of the cylinder head gasket. I had already read on the Internet that the repair can cost about 750 to 900 euros or more.

If I find a workshop that fixes it for a good price, I’ll do it in the workshop. Otherwise, i’ll rent a car for a week and let it do a hobby screwdriver. Then I would have come away even cheaper.


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