I hate working on cars

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I’ve always hated working, which makes my hand dirty. All work of this kind excites me except working with earth.

My car has to go to the TÜV and my brakes had to be replaced. I have asked my brother for help because he is more gifted at craft matters than me. He ordered brake discs and blocks for me and today we got down to work.

The brand choice

My brother has my complete confidence in such matters because he has already repaired cars where I thought it was impossible. So he ordered the brakes from the ATE company. He said that this is the best brand you can get on the market, so it is for me.

If I have to order car parts myself, I order the under daparto.de . So far, I have often had to order a wide variety of parts and I have never had any problems with orders from daparto.


It went really well. The front brake shoes only had to be straightened properly …

We did that and had no problems. I did not know some practices of my brother before and would not have done that. But now I have learned …

  • Either before installing or after installing the breaks, clean them with brake cleaner.
  • Lubricate copper paste to the brake ends so that it can move better. Copper paste is fat, which does not ignite when heated.
  • Because the environment was very rusty, he easily hammered the screwdriver or ratchet into place. That’s why it sat better.

Fun blockers

Like every time I work on a car, a problem always comes up every time, breaking the whole river. A screw just did not want to be loosened … We broke two Torx bits and decided that it would be better to drill this screw out. That’s what we did. This has usually developed the last 15 minutes in one hour …

Well. In the end, we finally swapped the brakes successfully and the first 500 meters of driving was strange but it settled down shilly.


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