How malignant a human being can be

An anecdote about people who (inexplicably) lie

  1. What is it?
  2. The change
  3. The Enlightenment
  4. Conclusion

We talked to the boys in the mosque today and topics have come up again that shocked me a lot back then and if I think back to it today, it surprises me all the more.

What is it?

At a time I was normal in the mosque and at some point a boy started coming to the mosque. He was very often there and always prayed in the front row.

I do not know if this has any meaning in the church, but in the mosque it’s usually the case that in the first row, those pray who are already considered one kind of solitary.

Of course, we have seen how much this boy is trying to do and have also took him up. He was in the mosque very often and we often left him alone.

The change

This boy has not been active in the mosque for even two months and once started telling stories to the youth in the mosque that he has been a member of our mosque for a very long time and had just retreated for a while.

At some point he got the boys together without our knowledge and told them lies about us. There were so many lies and insinuations that I was seriously shocked when I heard this for the first time. I could not believe it and asked the young people independently of each other what they were told.

Everyone has confirmed the stories and then I realized that this was a targeted action.

The Enlightenment

Of course, this boy was so outrageous that in spite of these lies he continued to come to the mosque, eating, drinking and praying with us.

One day I called him out and told him that I was aware of what he was spreading about the mosque and asked him to stop. He has never come back since that day.


It’s incredible what kind of people you are confronted with over time. This was not the first time someone lied about our mosque.

I do not know what these people hope for but thanks to them we have learned that there are people who are able to mercilessly invent stories to harm people and communities.

Since I’ve had these experiences, the image of people has changed radically for me, because then you see even more, how malicious a human being can be.


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