How I found a gap in the market and why I do not use it

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  1. The idea
  2. Let's talk business
    1. The how ?
    2. Why i don't do that?
    3. Advertising?

Today I was on Twitter and looked at the posts of Ekrem Imamoğlu. Then I saw one who had commented on a tweet by Ekrem Imamoğlu with a picture.

I’ve uploaded the photo to a website where Artificial Intelligence converts a black and white photo into a color photo. I simply tweeted the result as an answer:

Within a few hours I have had the following statistics on my tweet:

  • more than 15.000 impressions
  • more than 5.000 interactions
  • more than 100 likes

And although this comment was posted on a second Tweet by Ekrem Imamoğlu.

The idea

In Turkey and Turkish culture, it is normal to be attached to your past. Especially the Turks are very interested in history and would therefore love to see the pictures of those times as if they were still taken with color cameras.

Almost all Turks also have the black and white photos of their parents or grandparents in the closet and this service would be the perfect opportunity to digitize and immortalize the photos.

Let’s talk business

What immediately stands out is that a system in Turkey is missing, with which one can convert old pictures in color photos. You could set up a server where you can install the artificial intelligence and write a script, which allows the visitors of the website to upload their own images and convert them into color photos.

If you ask for each photo 5tl is actually quite appropriate and would certainly appeal.

The how ?

Of course, I do not need to mention that you have to be a programmer. If you are one you will not have any problems at all.

The page linked above uses the script DeOldify of jantic . You just have to integrate this into a website and deposit a payment system. Training files and Python scripts are already present in the named git repo. How this script can be used is explained in more detail here.

Why i don’t do that?

I currently have my Daily Blog, my full time job, the Islam Archive Project and I am married. Even if I started working, I could not finish it.


Actually, this is such a service that you do not need any advertising. All you have to do is give your system enough photos from Turkish history and program the system to colorize one photo daily and post it on a social network. If the images also contain watermarks that would be enough advertising.

Nevertheless, one should not be afraid to spend a few euros on the advertising platforms, so that interested people know that your service exists.


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