Hotel Peninsula Istanbul (★ ☆☆☆☆)

Once again a company managed to get into my blacklist.

  1. The hotel search
  2. Hotel Peninsula
    1. The writing
    2. The offer
    3. The fraud attempt
  3. Peninsula habit
  4. Conclusion

For my summer vacation I decided to fly from Denizli to my hometown (Nevsehir) by plane and unfortunately there were only flights with changeover. The change will be via Istanbul and I thought that if I’m already in Istanbul, I can spend some time there as well. That’s why I booked my flight so that I spend 14 hours in Istanbul.

The hotel search

All I needed was an accommodation so that me, my wife and my cousin could put our suitcases in a room and thereafter i can guide my cousin through Istanbul.

For me it was important that my accommodation is as cheap as possible and that it is close to my favorite cafe ( Şiva Cafe & Restaurant ).

Hotel Peninsula

I came across the Hotel Hotel Peninsula in my search. The hotel had a room with a balcony and was right near my favorite cafe.

The writing

Of course, I immediately wrote to the hotel and asked what they could offer me? I said that I would only need the room for half a day and they asked me if I had ever stayed there. I said no.

The offer

I got an offer of 30 € for a room, which would normally have cost 37 €. I thanked and agreed. My contact person then said in a mail that she makes the reservation and that I can then pay locally.

The fraud attempt

One day later, I received another email from the hotel. An employee of the hotel has made me an offer of 50 € for a room and asked for my credit card information …

I immediately called there and asked for the gentleman who wrote me the mail. He was there. I said that I got an offer yesterday and that I was assured that the reservation was over.

He said no there is no reservation. I then told him that I would continue to look around and hang up.

Peninsula habit

After a short search on the internet, I’ve seen that it’s not just me. Others have already complained on the internet because of such a behavior. I’ll show you a screenshot of a review.

There, too, the guest was asked again to pay more despite a confirmed booking. This is of course unacceptable and would normally have to be severely punished.


I think that’s the way it goes. Every worker who works in this hotel has full access to the mails and the bookings. Accordingly, these persons can also contact the customers as they wish.

I think that the employee wanted to try his luck and the room, which would have cost € 37 and had been reserved for € 30, to rent it even more expensive and put the different in his pocket.

I do not think the hotel owner has no idea what the employees do with the trust in his hotel because he would immediately terminate these employees.

In the end, I called a friend who owns a hotel and he arranged a room for me. For me that was not a problem only has again managed a company to get in my blacklist.


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