Hiking along the Belgenbachtal

This track actually made it into the top 5 of my favorite hiking routes.

  1. Arrival
  2. The route
  3. Off to the forest
    1. The barbecue hut
  4. Conclusion

It was really a long time ago that I was out in the nature again with my wife. That’s why today we decide to take a walk / hike again.

The weather was very moody but we did not care. Thanks to the weather today, for the first time in my life I have been able to experience sun, rain, hail and snow within half an hour.


I found a hiking route in Komoot and we drove by car. There is no parking space in Google Maps at our destination, so I’ll include maps with the appropriate position, if you’d like to go there as well:

On the way to the forest hung a map of the possible routes is, where you can take a closer look, which possibilities you have there.

Because we already knew our route, we of course just walked past it. I still took a picture of it for the community.

The route

It was planned that we walk along the stream to a certain point and then come back from the other side at the next turn. The whole route should take exactly one hour according to plan. The record of our route looks like this:

Off to the forest

It is very quiet. Sometimes I stopped just to enjoy the atmosphere. You hear only the rustling of the leaves and the brook. This has a very calming effect.

The barbecue hut

Between the parking lot and the forest you pass a barbecue hut. Due to its good location and the well-groomed appearance, it has aroused my interest.

I just looked and found out that you can rent it. The hut is right on the edge of the forest and would be perfect for when you want to do something with several friends.

I will leave you a map and a website so you can take a closer look. Grill hut Belgenbachtal.

The most beautiful thing about the route was that you walked constantly along the stream and had a corresponding background noise. you could always go down to the creek. I believe that you could go there without any problems with children and that the children could playfully follow their parents along the stream.

At the beginning we went very steeply down into the forest.

The view was beautiful and quickly convinced me that this route would be one of my favorites. The roads were actually very stable. There was no mud and / or sand.

Me and my wife agreed that you could even have driven this route by bike. It would have been a bit bumpy but would have been fun anyway.

Along the Belgenbach
The paths at the Belegenbachtal. A photo so you can make an impression.

In the middle of the track we passed a hut and a bench. I can not remember that you had other seating possibilities.

How comfortable does this bank have to be in summer?

I could really imagine sitting in the summer on the bench and working from there … Left of the bench was the hut, where you can go under on bad weather conditions. I personally avoid such huts because of the spiders and the spider webs.


What I liked most was the consistently noticeable proximity to nature. If you go for a walk in the woods, it is not taken for granted that a stream will add to the atmosphere.

Along our route

Along our route we have repeatedly gone past figures that I believe are of Christian origin.

I really have no idea what those figures are. Maybe one of you knows and writes it to me.


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