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My opinion to the book...

  1. The good first
  2. The bad
  3. My next book

I’ve read the last 15 pages of the book this morning and finished it. There were many things that I agree with and some things that I only partly agree.

The good first

The book is about the cohesion and brotherhood of Muslims from beginning to end, which unfortunately is increasingly forgotten nowadays. This has now reached such an extent that you could almost say that the brotherhood no longer exists. The writer addresses precisely this problem and, with many of his arguments, hits the issues exactly to the point.

He accompanies all his arguments with Qur’anic verses and hadiths. This allows an experienced reader to think for himself what to think about the interpretation of the writer.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, every person of every faith can refer to this book. If someone has a family problem, if you belong to a certain movement or if you just have a certain political view … Nothing of the listed things can be completed successfully without a Fraternal cohesion.

The bad

The writer has a very aggressive writing. He has a very offensive vocabulary when it comes to those who are the cause of problems. This could really backfire when someone can identify with the very qualities that the writer calls the characteristics of the trigger of problems. Because as soon as someone feels attacked, any debate or explanation brings nothing, because then the person goes into the defense mode.

Also, I do not think it’s good that it’s forbidden to quote from this book. This is expressly written. A person who claims to do everything for God’s sake should not copyright his works.

My next book

I see more and more women nowadays, fighting for their rights, which they think they deserve. I agree with some issues, such as equality of wages, but most of them, in my opinion, are totally crazy views of disillusioned women wich is made in the name of feminism.

You see more and more of the “feminists” wich present every day again completely banal issues as a sovereignty and fight for them. That’s why i’ve decided to learn more about this phenomenon “feminism” and start tomorrow with the book Feminizm nedir? (What is the feminism) of Muhammed Emin. There are topics such as:

  • The history
  • Feminism in western countries
  • Feminism in modern Turkey
  • Feminism and Islam
  • Why it spreads so much

I hope that I can learn more about this topic …


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