Güney Şelale (Waterfall) – Denizli [Experience]

Just relax and enjoy nature.

  1. The location
  2. Eat / Drink
  3. Refresh
  4. Walk
  5. Swim
  6. Conclusion
 I have not received any money for this blog post. Everything I write is based on my own experiences! 

On the recommendation of the in-laws of my brother I drove to this waterfall. We had to drive from downtown Denizli for about 45 minutes and then arrived there.

I really enjoyed it and would like to share with you my experiences and thoughts about this place.

The location

The waterfall is located very far north of Denizli and is very remote. You can see that positively but also negatively.

The good thing about it is that you can enjoy the tranquility and relax a little either alone or with company.

The negative is that there is no taxi stand available and you can not get away immediately on request. That’s why I would recommend the taxi driver Murat Yılmaz because he would pick you up from there on request.

Eat / Drink

There you have a restaurant where you can eat fresh fish and or order snacks and these can be eaten at the table.

When I say fresh fish, I mean that the fish are caught fresh and then prepared. In the video below you can see how the fishes we’ve ordered are caught.

Our fish is caught

After about 15 minutes waiting time our food was already served. During this wait we were also gradually served homemade food from their own cultivation and livestock.

  • butter
  • loaf
  • salad
  • cheese
  • Grilled potato
Our fish served


Above the waterfall you have the opportunity to refresh yourself on the ice-cold water. There we saw how children played in the water and / or got into the water.

The best part of it was with what kind of a view the children could play.

View above the waterfall


You can walk along the path of the waterfall and enjoy the view. The water is drinkable. I drank about 500ml of water and had no complaints at all.

The outlook

If you have packed a backpack full of picnic stuff, you always have the opportunity to sit down and eat by the water.


If you go down from the restaurant, you come to a jetty. It looked to me as if it were for boats, but you could also get down from there into the water.

There is a lot of space to take off your clothes and you can go swimming undisturbed with a beautiful view.

The view


This is a really gorgeous place and I am grateful to the in-laws of my brother for recommending this place to us. I finally got to a waterfall, I could finally drink spring water and I could finally eat good grilled fish.

However, you would have to buy your cigarettes in advance, because there is not the opportunity to get cigarettes and alcohol.

In the overall ranking, I would give this place 5/5 stars, because it has fit from all sides. Price was good and it was also super comfortable and they did not try to get more money from us as they should.


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