First Facebook Fail

Better at the beginning than too late

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Today I’ve opened my Facebook page from an external account and found that my posts are not displayed …

I was shocked because I have already spent 20 € for promotions and more amounts will still be incurred.

How could that be? I had programmed my Facebook app and my posts were displayed to me from my profile, but not externally.

Publish app

Of course, I went home immediately and looked for the cause of the problem. I noticed that the app is still in development mode and I have to publish it first. So I published the app but still could not see the posts. What a crap!


Luckily I had written a backup function that automatically sends me an email if a post could not be published on Facebook. The content of this mail was as follows:

In the mail it is written that my rights to publish a post have not been released by the Facebook team. So once again I went into the Facebook app and once again stated everything from the beginning. I wrote down what want to do with the app, how it works and i had to send them a Screencast too. Then the app was sent for review and i’ve asked how long it takes until it’s released. The answer was 2-3 days. In reverse, that means for me that the 30 euros were spent for nothing.

The next steps

I have now held all promotions and will only activate them again when my app is unlocked. Nevertheless, I will write down my learnings for you over the next week.


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