Fethi Yeken – Notes for Inviters

Incredible how far-sighted you can be!

  1. The topics in the book
  2. Application areas
  3. The heart
  4. The leadership
  5. Conclusion

As already written, today I finished reading the book Davetçiye Notlar today. He’s my favorite author when it comes to psychology.

The topics in the book

Although Prof. Fethi Yeken devotes his books to more Islamic topics, this book was very similar to human psychology.

He has described how to deal with different stress situations. Amongst others:

  • Hate
  • Envy
  • War
  • Pride
  • Mental problems
  • Racism
  • Etc.

These are all topics that accompany every person in everyday life and what he needs to be well prepared for.

Application areas

The most interesting thing about the books of Prof. Fethi Yeken is that although he addresses the Muslim communities with his texts, these texts can be used in every area of marketing.

Even if you are not a Muslim, you can take the information and transform it so that you can still learn from it. Of course, this is enormously important to me because it represents a win win situation for me as a media designer.

The heart

What he focused on most in the book was the heart. You have to keep your heart clean so that you can always act with a clear conscience and live without mental strain.

This includes treating people good who are jealous of you and being grateful for what you have.

You should treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Although you may think that this is a clear thing, however, Prof. Fethi Yeken goes so far into the subject that I had an wow effect in each chapter.

The leadership

The book was so inspiring for me that even made a blog post. You can read it here:

This post is about what an important role one has as a leader and what is going wrong with executives these days.


Once again I find it pity that the books of Prof. Fethi Yeken are not translated into German / English and hope that this will change in the future.

I strongly believe that anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim alike, can benefit from all his works, especially from this book.

For my part, I have learned a lot and am sure that the insights will accompany me throughout my life.


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