Experiences with Ryanair

I have flown with Ryanair several times and have now written down my experiences.

  1. Booking
  2. Seating choice
    1. Automatic assignment of groups
  3. Check in
    1. Forgot checkin?
  4. Baggage
    1. What is controlled?
  5. Conclusion

Although my favorite airline is Turkish Airlines, it always comes back to me having to switch to budget airlines due to financial benefits. In this post I would like to share with you my experiences and my thoughts on the airline Ryanair.


Ryanair scores points with its low fares. They offer flights really cheap, but you have to remember that here is no free seat choice, no luggage and no checkin included in this price.

Seating choice

If you want to choose a seat yourself, you have to pay 7 euros upwards. Otherwise, Ryanair will randomly assign you to seats.

Automatic assignment of groups

I have the experience that I have booked for three people a flight to Berlin and Ryanair have made the seat assignment. Despite existing free seats, Ryanair randomly distributed us on the plane apart from each other.

Check in

If you want to checkin early, you have to pay extra money. However, if you want to save the money, you can only check-in and print out your boarding pass 48 hours before your flight.

Forgot checkin?

I can still remember that I wanted to fly to Malta with my cousin and did not know then that you have to checkin yourself. At the airport I had to pay 80 euros, so that the woman at the counter does what she is actually sitting there for.


Ryanair has really weird luggage regulations. For all other airlines I only know the guideline that your hand luggage, what you can take with you on the plane, can not exceed a certain weight.

Ryanair, however, has carry-on luggage and some sort of mini carry-on luggage 😂. This mini carry-on has separate measurements and a friend has actually took it serious once and got a bag according to these guidelines. His crammed hand luggage would have fit into a medium sized pot in my kitchen 😂.

What is controlled?

Let’s say you have booked a flight without luggage and want to take only a hand luggage with you. If you made your check-in online, all you have to do is print your boarding pass and after that you will no longer need to go to the counter. You can use the boarding pass directly to the security checkpoint.

At the gate, an employee then runs around and checks what hand luggage the passengers have. I’ve noticed that only the people who sit there with a trolley are addressed. I had a bag full and was not addressed.


If you want to fly cheap, Ryanair is the perfect choice. For example, last week I flew with my colleagues to Berlin with Ryanair. If we had taken the train, we would have paid for one person what we paid to Ryanair in total.

Everything is fine as long as you stick to certain things. I’ll list the criterias for you:

  • Remember to check in 48 hours before flight.
  • Do not forget to print out your boarding pass.
  • If you just want to carry hand luggage, do not bring a trolley.

If you follow these little guidelines, you can not go wrong. I hope that this post helped you.


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