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I have written before that Google keeps sending me emails and admonishing me about the mobile functionality of the website. Considering that mobile web users have now overtaken desktop users, this is a very important topic. I have already written a plugin for this, but I see black to extend this plugin.

The problem

What this plugin does is to take the save information from a Gutenberg block, pack it into two layers of divs, and then save it. However, since the save information has been changed, Gutenberg shows a warning and forces you to rebuild all blocks.


I will limit the text width to about 768 pixels and make the headlines more beautiful. I will also install an effect that will be seen on wider screens. The background colors will go across the whole width.


Single pictures

If a picture is alone I will first see how wide it is. If it is at least 1280 pixels wide I will run it across the entire content width.

Panorama pictures

If you have looked at my blog, you will see that I have also added panorama pictures. These will go all the way across the screen and also grow responsively and shrink in the same ratio.


I am still very hesitant about the gallery pictures. Either I’ll let everyone see next to each other or make a block out of four. I’m not entirely sure.

I’ve already done a lot and the end result looks like this:

That should have been it first. When I’ve finished building these things, I can also take care of embedding other posts. These cause in the mobile, that the sides are wider than the screen … This is of course not okay. I think that tomorrow I will take care of this problem.


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