Elections in Turkey 2019

What I think about the elections in Turkey and my view of the current situation in Turkish politics ...

  1. Democracy in Turkey
  2. Erdogan's role
  3. The Hagia Sophia
  4. Istanbul and Ankara
  5. The inaugural speech
  6. Conclusion

Before I start with the blog post, I want to make it clear that I do not belong to any Turkish party. I am neither a supporter of the AKP, the CHP, HDP nor am I the supporter of the PKK movement. I was also not voting, but trying to tell you with this post only my neutral view as an observer to disclose.

Democracy in Turkey

First of all, I would like to say that I believe that democracy in all Asian countries does not work and will never work. People in countries such as Turkey need one person to tell them what to do. This constant change of leadership will never work there.

Since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, there has been a great effort being made to introduce democracy into all Asian countries or to maintain the compulsorily established democracy. The problem here, however, is that the people have to play along and they just don’t. The Muslim countries are eagerly waiting for a leader to bring all islamic countries together and rule all the Muslim countries. This is possible only by calling out the caliphate (Islamic government form).

Erdogan’s role

Here comes the Erdoğan into play. In his early days, the citizens voted for him, hoping that he would pronounce Sharia law. There is no talk around it! Almost all the votes he got belongs to this hope. Because at the beginning of his career he said in his conferences that a Muslim can not be a laicist at the same time. Either a secular or a Muslim:

The video where he says openly that the absolute power belongs only to Allah and that one is either a Muslim or a secular.

However, when Erdoğan has openly said on television that his party has nothing to do with Islam, many have claimed that he only says it as a cover. He has the goal but can not say it openly.

The interview where he says openly that he does not want / accept a theocracy.

Meanwhile, however, he has had a change and says in his speeches that the absolute power belongs only to the people:

He says: Because the absolute belongs to…? The people. How could you deny that?

Tayyip Erdoğan always gives the people a bit of Islam and everybody plays along. He has been doing this for over 18 years now. Meanwhile, all voters renounce Islamic government and are satisfied with democracy in Turkey. I believe that he has fulfilled his main task. I think that his main task was to create a democratized Islam and this task has now been successfully completed in Turkey.

During the establishment of the religion “Democratized Islam” he works in parallel on the American project ” Greater Middle East “. This is not a conspiracy theory. He said that himself:

He has to adhere strictly to the process, and so long his back is kept clear. If he deviates from the norm, is is already been proven last year, that his country can be economically destroyed with a tweet .

The Hagia Sophia

I’ve read a lot in the German media that the Erdoğan would want to reopen the Hagia Sophia as a mosque … He did not say that he would open the Hagia Sophia as a mosque. Erdoğan is smart and has built the sentences as if it sounds like that.

It should not be forgotten that the Hagia Sophia has always played a very important role in the election campaigns for the AKP. Already years ago the election posters hung in Istanbul in which was written: FOR THE HAGIA SOPHIA. He was then elected and let’s see what he has said afterwards to the people on this topic …

One of the spectators calls him to transform the Hagia Sophia into a mosque and he replies: Fill the Sultanahmet Mosque first and then we will think again.
In this video, he says that as long as he lives, he will not allow the Hagia Sophia to be converted into a mosque.

He knows that he can not do that. The following interview, which was taken shortly before the elections, shows this clearly:

In this interview, he does not say that he wants to make the Hagia Sophia a mosque again, but only that they can change the name from “Museum” to “Mosque” and that tourists can visit it for free. This is a very small step compared to converting it to a mosque. It is even questionable whether he can do that at all …

Istanbul and Ankara

Everything depends on Istanbul and Ankara. If you win the elections there, it is almost certain that you will have more success in the future. But if that is not the case, it means a very big danger to the party and Erdoğan knows that. Erol Mütercimler confirms this statement. He is a Turkish journalist, columnist and scientist.

When it became clear that the AKP will lose Istanbul, Erdoğan has immediately flown to Ankara. At the same time, the election leader of Istanbul has said that they can not yet announce the election winner. Erdoğan made his speech and until then, the media presented Istanbul as if the AKP were ahead.

The scarce but nevertheless significant defeat of AKP in Istanbul was told later to the people.

The inaugural speech

Another thing that struck me is the fact that after the elections he went on stage alone to his inaugural speech. This is a very important point for me. He has not taken his coalition partner or the representatives of the AKP on the stage.

Erdoğan has come to this point by always saying God or the people. However, this last step shows that his arrogance has risen so much that he is beginning to say “ME”. No matter what comes out of his mouth.


From the very beginning, I have been against anyone leading Turkey, who uses Islam for its political purposes. That’s why, from an Islamic point of view, I prefer that someone come to the leadership position who has nothing to do with Islam because Islamic propaganda has nothing to do with politics.

We have clearly seen where this can lead to. The parties are now a kind of religion. An AKP supporter tries to “convert” a CHP supporter into his party.

I hope that the transition from the AKP back to the CHP will take place without conflict, but I fear it could escalate and end in civil war.


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