Either you go with the time or you go.

I'm really curious what will shock my generation in the future ...

  1. Standards
    1. What if not?
  2. Error in the system
    1. Examples
  3. Comfort age
    1. Too much comfort
  4. Conclusion

We live in a time when things are changing extremely fast and technology is moving incredibly fast thanks to international exchanges and artificial intelligence.

Many people can not keep up anymore and refrain from going with the time and the others go crazy trying to be ahead of their time. But what is the right approach?


Each time has its own standards and you have to realize what they are. Then you have to adapt or you stress yourself unnecessarily in every area of life. For example, in a family, this may mean that the father needs to be more relaxed in his education, because time requires it. A company should give employees the opportunity to work more free.

What if not?

For example, if the father is still trying to impose the same educational methods he learned from his father at his time, he will shoot himself. His child will meet persons, more devoted to the current time and the father will lose his child to these persons.

The same applies to the employer. When you have an office job, you notice it enormously (xing & linkedin). Good workers, who also ensure a good reputation of the company, keep getting new offers and there are no limits for them. If the employer does not act strategically fast enough, the tide can turn very quickly.

Error in the system

One of the biggest fears for example, is the fear for privacy and / or the not yet mature systems. Let me explain it succinctly: Forget about your privacy. You have no privacy. Anyone who thinks he has more privacy just because he uses a Nokia 3310 is deceiving himself. The best you can do is jump into the river and learn how to swim with the stream.

This means you have to dive into the system and look at it, feel it and live it. You can still read so many books about the threatened privacy, but you’ll never understand it if you’re not in it yourself.


It may be that you want to stay away from Facebook because of self-aggrandizement. But that should not stop you from looking at people’s behavior on Facebook and studying it or using facebook for your business.

YouTube influencers may break a whole generation. But that should not stop you from learning new things through YouTube tutorials.

WhatsApp may be collecting too much data. That should not stop you from being always available to your kids.

Comfort age

It’s not like it used to be, when everyone chooses the cheapest way. We live in a time where the simplest and most comfortable is chosen.

If the daddy does not have WhatsApp, the mother is been written to. If she has also no WhatsApp, she will also not be notified.

If clothes break, it will be thrown away and a new one ordered from China. It is no longer brought to the tailor so it is repaired. And the same is with electrical appliances.

Of course you can use some conformities, but it does not always make sense.

Too much comfort

If I were to tell an example, it would definitely be the smart home system, which was not built with DIY systems. You give up your entire privacy for conformance and completely surrender to the company that manages these systems.

Of course, the state can also access your systems at any time. Not so long ago, I heard on the radio that the authorities can contact these smart home providers to gain access to your home, car, etc. The Smart Home Provider is obliged to secrecy and is not allowed to report to you about these activities.

What sounds like a conspiracy theory today can turn out to be true tomorrow. Keyword Assange and Snowden.


It is always important to find the middle way. One should not be too cross but not dive too deep. Once you have established that balance in your life, you can enjoy life to the fullest without paranoia.


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