EifelRAD – Bike Rental Heimbach [Experience]

My experience after over 50km with a bike from eifelRAD

  1. Rental Company (eifelRAD)
    1. The prices
    2. Service
    3. Payment
    4. The bike
  2. Conclusion

My wife has been talking to me for a few weeks about that we should lend an e-bike and then drive in the Eifel and today we have done it.

Rental Company (eifelRAD)

We looked at many companies that offer this service but ended up staying with eifelRAD because it is in the town of Heimbach, which is one of our favorites and because of the nature. It is located directly on the Rur and the forests Heimbachs.

The prices

EifelRAD actually offers its bikes at very clear and fair prices. I actually expected prices as 35 euros per bike, but eifelRAD has far exceeded my expectations.

  • e-Bike (PEDELEC) 24,00 €
  • Mountain bike 18,00 €
  • Premium e-bike, tandem or eMTB mountain bike 39,00 €
  • E-Trimobile 79,00 €
  • Helmet, bag, basket € 2.50 each
  • Accessories: trailer wheel, children’s bike, trailer, trailer 14,00 €


I went spontaneously with my wife without a reservation and the landlord welcomed us warmly and was incredibly nice.

He got a city map out directly and asked us if we would rather drive a big or a small round. We told him that we would rather go for a little lap and he showed us a route with interesting places.

Although we are already familiar with e-bikes, I found the training quite interesting.


I came in at the last minute and hoped that you can pay by card. I was lucky because you could really pay by card. The only condition was that you can not pay by credit card but that was fine.

The bike

Since we also rented an e-bike in the Netherlands I have a comparison and can say that the e-bike could not reach the class of those in the Netherlands. There were some steep roads that were so steep that the e-bike did not participate anymore but I had to kick myself.

On straight stretches, the bike was well supported and we made comfortable progress. The only downside was that despite high gear still you had to kick quickly. This gave you the feeling to be on rush.

On the way, we happened to meet two other customers of this rental company, who had stopped because of problems on the bike and had to wait for the company to continue their journey. The lady’s bike had lost air and she did not want to continue with her child in the back. There was also a gentleman whose wheel had lost a screw and because of this he could not continue.


I really liked the service of this company and was really happy with the bike for the price. Unfortunately, the bikes were not as high as you would expect, but for low budget that was fine.

Although we were satisfied with the service, we decided to try out more e-bike tenants and get a first impression of the others. I will share my experiences here with you.


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