Do I need a professional website?

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Every person, every company will need an online presence sooner or later. There is not a single industry in the world that makes an online presence obsolete. As soon as you have decided to do that, the question arises: Should I buy a prefabricated system for 50 euros and build my website with it? Or should I pay 5000 to 10000 euros for a professional programming?


If you’ve just started your business, you should ask yourself if it might not make sense to first watch how it works instead of taking out a loan to let people make you a professional online presence.

I have already seen a lot of entrepreneurs who have gone very confidently into a project and it did not work out. In the end, after a year, the site was closed and the entrepreneur then sat on a mountain of debt. Nobody knows if it works or not, so think carefully.

Financial strength

I prefer for all projects of a company to think about: Does it pay off in 5 years? Then do it. Otherwise, think about it.

It is of course clear to differentiate whether one has the purchasing power for a self-programmed template. For example, we once had the case that several managing directors got together and incidentally decided to open an online shop. Because they were so financially strong, they could afford to finish the project after a year and it did not hurt them. Of course, this is not possible for the middle class people.

The scrimper

Any cheap alternative brings stress with it. No stress in the world can be settled with money.

Did you find an agency and think the prices are too high? Are you looking for the cheapest agency? Believe me. Then your website is doomed to fail. You should never ask yourself if something is cheap or not. In the web there is one rule: Do it either completely or not at all. Do not look for a cheap alternative.


If you think that content creation is very easy and you want to populate your site completely yourself, you are doing one of the biggest mistakes you can make on the web. Ever heard of the 55-38-7 rule? If you apply this rule to a web page, you could say something like this:

  • 55 percent of the communication of a web page make up the colors and pictures.
  • 38 percent make the texts, as they are formulated and what characteristic they have.
  • 7 percent makes up the text content

This means that if the website owner thinks he can write the text himself and shoot and edit the pictures himself, in most cases he will shoot himself in the leg.

One should consider all these factors and not just get started and hire an agency to program a website.


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