Diversified round at the Perlenbachdam

Today I let myself be guided by my wife ...

  1. The Tour
    1. The journey
    2. Part 1: Perlenbachdam
    3. Part 2: The bridge and forest trails
    4. Part 3: Fields
  2. Conclusion

Today’s walking route was determined by my wife and I have recorded this tour with Komoot, so that others can go the same route.

The Tour

We first went along the Perlenbachdam and then we crossed a main road and went along beautiful paths along fields. Finally, we had a short hike through a forest to return to the car shortly thereafter.

The journey

My wife has patted me to a parking lot, which is not open signposted as a parking lot. Accordingly, there is always a vacancy in this parking lot available. The exact location is here:

Part 1: Perlenbachdam

The parking lot is in the near of the dam. Starting from there you are already arrived after a few minutes at the dam.

There we went along the dam until we arrived at the beach chairs, which we had already discovered in Ramadan.

To the lie I had said in a blog post that I will come back and lie down there and I have done it.

After a short break, we went further and talked by walking in the nature.

Part 2: The bridge and forest trails

We walked along the dam until we arrived at a bridge. There I immediately noticed how clear the water is.

You can also sit down there to the water and put your feet in the water. It has a calming atmosphere and that’s why I spent a while there with my wife.

Over the bridge you go into the forest and can hear the Perlenbach and see it from time to time.

On the way, I also saw a hut, where you can have a break.

Part 3: Fields

At some point we passed a staircase, which we went up too. Above you get out on a main road.

Crossing this main road you notice a parking lot on the right side. I photographed it because it was not fully parked despite the nice weather.

I assume that this car park is not so crowded because it is not listed in Google Maps. The exact location of the parking lot is here:

Since you go directly through you will be immediately in the fields. After just a few minutes, you will not be able to get anything from the main street and you will be back in the middle of nature.

At some point we passed a farm where (interesting for children) one could observe cows, pigs and horses.

At this farm, we went back then directly on the way to the car.


I would like to do this tour again and would recommend it to anyone. However, it is not recommended to make this tour with bicycles or pushchairs. It is also recommended that your dog is on a leash.


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