Dare. Be different!

Do not be a product of the ideas of others!

  1. The Human
    1. The problem
    2. The problem today
    3. The solution
  2. My Idea
  3. Meine Erfahrung
    1. If people do not know something ...
  4. Conclusion

I always notice that people do not dare to be who they are just because they are afraid of not being accepted by society or seen as strange. The saddest are those people who make fun of other people, although secretly they think the same way.

This situation is a very big problem and one of the reasons that many people suffer from depression and can not realize it. Everyone always wonders what others think about them when they do certain things. Many do not even come to question whether maybe everyone else is wrong?

The Human

Man is distinguished as a living being in the sense that each person is different from the other. While animals always show the same behaviors, humans are able to evolve by developing and producing different views and ways of thinking.

Always people who have not been fit for the public have been outlawed, humiliated and in ancient times even killed. The only question is, who is going along with this strain and who is not. The important thing here is that people who are not part of the general public can not be dissuaded from being different but develop their own ego.

The problem

The main problem is that most do not learn what acceptance is. Everyone thinks acceptance means just accepting someone in a frame. But acceptance means accepting someone completely as he is.

 Conditional acceptance is no acceptance! 

The problem today

I still see today that people accept others only to a certain extent. For example, when I say that I do not celebrate carnival, Christmas, or do not attend a church weddings, I see new reactions every year like:

  • Too proud for a costume?
  • Did you hide in front of the church?
  • Disguise yourself! What are you trying to do?
  • A little integration must be!

People just can not accept or understand that other people make different choices. Since the clown understands carnival not why I walk around in everyday clothes. In return, I can not even understand carnival and find that funny. But I do not go to every German and say that he is funny. It is their culture and good is.

When I had my Islamic wedding, some Germans did not come. But I do not go to them and say NAAA SCRAMMED BEFORE THE MOSQUE? I say they do not want that and good is.

Everyone has a frame in their minds that they think others should be like, and when somebody other thinks “out of the box” he thinks it’s weird. For example, it’s okay if you have a different religion but it’s weird if you wear a headscarf. Or it’s okay if you listen to music but it’s weird if you listen to Death Metal.

Let’s listen to Jim Carrey what it’s like to be constantly trying to be as others expect you to:

The solution

To think about the solution, you first have to think about where the source of the problem is. The source is undoubtedly education.

Today, parents often ignore the obligation to educate children that other people have different cultures, religions, or other differences and make other choices accordingly. And when they teach it to the kids, they forget to teach the kids that it’s okay.

For example, there are two parents parties, and the child of one party solves certain things differently than the other party. Of course, the child wonders why the other boy solves things differently than he was taught by his parents. Immediately, both parties try to sell their children that they are a little better and that the other parents are weird. I look at that and just think what’s the problem of the two parties …? You could teach the children that there are several ways to solve things and that both can learn from each other.

My Idea

I would like to explain to you once, how I imagine a perfect scene, that you can educate your child more openly for other cultures and religions.

A mother is on the way / on vacation with her child. There they see another woman with traditional clothes, which does not resemble what they know. The child asks the mother what kind of clothing that is. The mother takes the child by her hand, goes to the traditionally dressed woman and asks what kind of clothing that is. The woman explains it and in the end, child and mother have become smarter.

Most importantly, the child has learned to ask. The child has learned not to just take it or google it, but to go and ask. As a result, the child will no longer be influenced by the deliberately dramatic reporting of the news but he will speak to other people.

Meine Erfahrung

While listening to Futuretrance, Bravo Hits, German Rap and American rap, my friends have been in the monotonous track of hip-hop. They could not understand how a “Turk” with headphones (not earphones) could hear techno music.

While my friends were proud to buy the latest cell phones and mp3 players, I was proud that my dad gave me a laptop for my birthday and i even took it to school. I mean, imagine that once. 15 years ago, a boy who writes the lesson on his laptop in Word. This is not even standard today.

While I was busy playing Lineage II and Counterstrike and cracking the next version of Photoshop, my friends were busy playing football and trying to get into betting shops.

Casey Neistat also made a nice video about just doing what you want him to do. Regardless of what others expect or think of you:

If people do not know something …

… they make fun of it. Until they use it themselves. What I mean by that is that I had to listen to a lot of the guys back then because I was “different”. But that did not interest me and I followed my path.


What I am trying to say with this post is that you can eliminate many problems through absolute and unconditional tolerance. Did you know that many people suffer from depression, but they can not tell any of their friends because they feel they are being labeled as weird people?

Unfortunately, we live in a time when almost all people hide their problems from others and pretend they have a dream life, but it is not. Because then everyone thinks he is weird just because he may be suffering from depression and others are so happy, he does not open up to others. And when that’s happening, it’s only a matter of time before that person thinks about suicide.

That’s exactly what I want to get on to. If you do not make other people feel like they’re okay, you could be guilty of suicide as well.

Not everyone has the power to assert themselves and to develop their own self. Please do not be the reason why people can not develop.


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