Consistency is the key to success

  1. Consistency in religion
  2. Results
  3. An example from my life
  4. Conclusion

If you want to be good at something or you don’t want to achieve something, the most important thing is consistency. In my case, as a programmer, this means that I have to write at least one line of code
EVERY DAY… or must deal with codes to keep at it and get better. There is no other alternative.

Consistency in religion

The concept of constancy is not new. It has always been practiced. You may not have noticed that yet. For example, you have to pray five times a day in Islam. This helps to remain remorseful and not overbearing.

In Christianity you visit the church every Sunday and in Islam the mosque every Friday.


People who have really achieved something in their life are of the same opinion.

An example from my life

I can also give another example with my habit of reading. I read for half an hour every day. The fact that I have been doing this for a long time has only amassed a lot within a year, which I have already read …

You always have to have your big goal in front of your eyes and not the small section you’re on right now. The example with the books is perfect for this case. Look at the number of books in the picture. There are so many that I can get them between my middle finger and my thumb in a hand. And then think about, that I’ve read this page after page. If one imagines the thickness of a page and puts it next to the whole books, he will see the page is nothing compared to the full amount.


Whether someone accepts it or not. There are two classes of people. The first class are the makers and the second are the imitators. Either one is a doer, by constantly working on his dreams or one is simply an imitator and works for others, because he does not accomplish hos goals.

If you can not keep up to your consistency but claim to have big goals I would advise you to sleep less and start doing something.


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