Compress and optimize images in WordPress

Why it is important to optimize images on your website and how to do it best

  1. Why it is important to compress images
  2. Loss of quality
    1. My test picture
  3. Time savings
  4. Plugin recommendation
  5. Conclusion

I worked for a long time without compressing the images and that lasted until two weeks ago. At some point I then saw that the pictures I upload to my blog are sometimes over 25MB in size. Then, of course, I had to search for a tool or plugin, which makes the files smaller, so I can still use them without hesitation.

Why it is important to compress images

If you have your website tested on Google’s testmysite you will find that the highest priority is placed on the load time of the website. It is also statistically proven that visitors bounce off your page as soon as they realize that they have to wait.

So your visitors do not have to load the images so long, you use plugins, which automatically optimizes the uploaded images and compresses them. This happens automatically as soon as you upload a picture to your library.

Loss of quality

Of course you ask yourself the question if not the picture quality suffers if you reduce the pictures so blatantly. If one considers that an image has been compressed on average 75%, that is questionable how much the image suffers from loss of quality.

My test picture

My test picture

I used this image for testing and the results are really strong. The image is 17.7MB in its original state and compressed to just 1.24MB.

You may be wondering now where to use such big pictures? The question is quite simple. Nowhere. The trick is that I do not use the 1MB image on my website but the much smaller version. The picture you see above in this format is only 100KB in size.

If you want to see if there is a loss of quality you can look at the picture above. I have not seen any losses.

Time savings

I write daily posts and then you do not necessarily have the time to shrink all images individually and then upload em. Some posts have over 30 pictures. What I have to do then is uploading the image in WordPress in original and that will automatically be compressed, optimized and resized.

I do not need to worry anymore about whether and how to reduce the size of the pictures because it happens automatically in the background.

Plugin recommendation

 I have not received any money for the recommendation! The recommendation is based on my own research! 

I already knew about tinyPNG but never really got into it. When I realized that the pictures were getting too big on my website, i had to get in touch with this topic.

I compared several service providers, paying attention to the quality of their work and the price requirements. Only one single service provider got my full attention and convinced me. The funny thing about this story is that I had never heard of this service provider in my past …

My recommendation: SHORTPIXEL

ShortPixel is a service provider that compresses and optimizes images and PDF files. Not only do they offer this service as a WordPress plugin, they also have a whole range of platforms on which to offer it. I list you their service areas:

I’ve been using Shortpixel for two weeks now and I’m incredibly pleased with their service. I even emailed them and let them know that I would even be prepared to pay if they offered a paid video compression.


I took the lectures on SEO to heart and did something for it. I do not regret it and on the contrary even, I see the fruits it carries with it.

Ever since I installed, activated and run SHORTPIXEL the daily number of visitors has doubled and it has been worth the effort.


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