Checkpoint one thousand reached

A small step for my blog, but a big step for my motivation!

  1. What does that mean?
  2. Next checkpoint
  3. Conclusion

Today is the day I have a monthly attendance rate of over 1000 on my blog for the past 30 days.

What does that mean?

The monthly number of visitors is the number of people who have been on my website in the last 30 days. Currently the value is 1365. This means that in the last 30 days 1365 visitors have been on my blog.

A screenshot of Google Analytics

Over the past 30 days, I’ve looked at this value daily, and i’ve marked the day I hit the thousand mark for the first time. From this day the number did not go down and I wanted to be happy only if this statistic lasts a month.

It has not only stopped but has risen steadily. Of course this is a checkpoint for me considering that I have not written 200 posts yet.

Next checkpoint

My next goal is that this value will at least double the user count. I’m curious when it will be.


In the beginning, I had a hard time posting anything due to the concern of writing something wrong or too much. I was very scared and that has been reflected in my posts.

Meanwhile, I can write more freely and give my thoughts free rein. I must also honestly admit that writing is also a very liberating feeling.

I am glad to see that my choice of words and my texts arrive at the people.


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