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The post I am currently writing is my 100th blog post. So far, I have been able to write a post every day and have also achieved amazing numbers. Although I have not been there so long (100 days are not long), I think that I have achieved relatively good numbers. I would therefore like to take the opportunity, and present with my hundredth blog the latest statistics with you. I’m curious now, what statistics I’ll have, as soon as I write my 200th blog post …

The following statistics are the summary numbers of the last 28 days.

Website (Google Analytics)

My website is my main medium, where all my posts been created, published and automatically posted on social media.

  • Users: 648 (21,500%)
  • Sessions: 715
  • Monthly users: 651
  • Weekly users: 71
  • Users daily: 7
  • Peaks: Sun. between 8 o’clock – 9 o’clock; Sat. 11am – 2pm
  • Most Viewed: Terrorist Attack in New Zealand


I had previously used Twitter but had not posted anything for about two months. After a break of about 2 months, the blog posts were automatically shared on Twitter.

  • Tweets: 84
  • Impressions: 12.4 thousand (+831.1%)
  • Profile visits: 193
  • Mentioned: 2
  • Followers: 178 (+6)
  • Most well-known Tweet: Casey Neistat Quote
  • Top Interest Of My Followers: Dogs (100%)


I’ve created a Facebook page because my Facebook profile was too personal for me. The site was not even active for a month. Facebook approved my app just last week. That’s why it will be exciting how it will look like in 100 days from now.

  • Pageviews: 221
  • Page Preview: 3
  • Likes: 88
  • Entry range: 6501
  • Interactions: 908
  • 3-second video views: 633
  • Page subscribers: 88


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