Cascade du Bayehon – Malmedy / Belgium

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  1. Drive through / Parking
  2. The beginning
  3. Off to the forest
  4. Bridges and waters
  5. Variety
  6. Highlight
  7. Conclusion

Today it was time again. I have set myself a course to go, which should have been done a long time ago, but which did not go because my car had a problem. I mean the following tour:

Drive through / Parking

I had to drive one hour to my destination. Unfortunately, I did not find any parking there but the residents said that I could park quietly at the roadside.

The beginning

At the beginning we went very far down the main street.

Even if you walked on a main street you still had the feeling to be very close to nature.

Off to the forest

We went along the main road until a fork in the forest came …

forest entrance

When we arrived at the bottom, we turned left into the forest. After a short time you had the feeling to be in a completely different world.

It was already after a very short distance surrounded by trees and bushes and we were already been magnified by the tour.

Bridges and waters

Almost the whole tour you walk along the creek. Every time you need to pass the creek you had the choice, whether you would like to go over the bridge or rather simply by. The latter would have been very exciting for children.

The first bridge along the route.


You should definitely wear sturdy shoes for this route, because some parts of the route can get very muddy.

The paths as well as the scenery are very varied and that brings me to the conviction that every child will have fun there and that the parents can relax a bit.


The highlight of this tour was of course the waterfall Cascade du Bayehon. The exact location of this waterfall is here:

There is a seat from where you can enjoy the waterfall. If you want to get closer, you have to climb down a bit and then you stand directly in front of it. There is not so much space down there but can only look at the waterfall or put your feet in the water and stay there for a while.


I have the feeling that we find a better route with each hike, because this route has also made it to our favorites.

The only drawback of this route is that at the beginning, if you go down the main road, you should guide your children by the hand. It should also be noted that we met neither the entire route nor the last 20 minutes of the car ride, no gas station and no kiosk.


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