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Is this perhaps the future of car ownership? ...

  1. Car subscription?
    1. The advantages
    2. The disadvantages
  2. Conclusion

Yesterday was a really packed day. We took away a lot of green waste, then went in some workshops and asked what it would cost to change the cylinder head gasket of my car. The prices were between 1200 euros and 1500 euros. After that i’ve worked with my wife on our garden and later we were invited to barbecue.


My brother was there too so I told him what prices to expect and that I will rent a car now until the seal is replaced. That’s why we came to the topic Car subscriptions and he explained it to me …

Car subscription?

A car subscription is like renting a car, but with a minimum contract period. Every subscription provider has its own guidelines and limitations. The shortest minimum contract period is a 6 months period of cluno .

After talking to my brother, had also a talk with somebody who has financed a new car and he said that he has to pay about 200 Euros a month to pay the credit… You can then think for yourself what that means to me about the car subscriptions.

The advantages

  • You always have a new car
  • Less stress / headache
  • No unexpected costs like a broken cylinder head gasket
  • No maintenance costs
  • Flexible car choice

The disadvantages

  • Mileage limit
  • No upgrades (sound system)
  • Excess in the insurance
  • Limited border crossings (eg into Turkey can not be driven)


I figured that out and it’s always worth it for me. As soon as my car is repaired, I’ll think about it if I might not just sell my car and spend the money on a car subscription … If it comes to that I’ll definitely report it here in the blog.


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