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My experiences and recommendations for Avanos. My hometown.

  1. Ayşe Bacı Gözleme
  2. Kiyi Cafe
  3. The KORUKÇU Horse Farm
  4. NAZAR Erkek Kuaförü
  5. Conclusion
I have not received any money for this blog post. Everything I write is based on my own experiences! 

After a few years it was time again. I visited my hometown in Turkey again. I would like to give you tips and recommendations in this post, so that you can also benefit from my experience. We were mainly dining and traveling with our family, so I’ll just list the places I’ve been to.

Ayşe Bacı Gözleme

I think that one gets the best gozleme of the region here. Ayşe Bacı is the lady who makes your gozleme. She is a woman who grew up under modest circumstances, and that’s why I assume that she will conscientiously prepare your meal.

Besides, she also knows how to cook good gozleme, because she has been doing it since childhood. I ate there with my wife and cousin, and I felt like my mother had cooked for me.

Kiyi Cafe

In fact, we were in the café every night. It is a small, cozy and quiet cafe where you can sit and talk with your wife.

Of course, there are also cafes and hookah bars in Göreme but they are always overcrowded and loud music is played, so you have to talk in high volume.

Me and my wife. We do not like it so crowded and loud places. That’s why we prefer to come here every night, so we have some peace.

At night it is also well lit and has a wide selection of food / drinks and shisha.

The KORUKÇU Horse Farm

On a recommendation from a relative (nephew of my grandfather) we drove here to have breakfast.

The selection was very large and everything tasted incredibly good. We were later told that almost everything that was served was either grown or bought from the farm.

As mentioned earlier, there are many large restaurants that have a larger number of customers, but we love it more comfortably.

NAZAR Erkek Kuaförü

Still has this barber shop no Google Maps entry. However, due to his honesty and competence, I will look after a Google listing for him.

Here me, my friends and family let his hair cut every year. The hairdresser started working at a young age and is now very professional.

I am always satisfied with his work and it can always be seen.

The most important thing, however, is that, whether tourist or guest worker, he never tries to get more money out of his pocket. He is an honest boy from an honest family and acts accordingly.


We (me and my wife) love my hometown and could even imagine having our primary residence there sometime in the future.

I have written all my recommendations and experiences conscientiously and would also stand behind every shop that I have recommended to you here. I attach great importance to honesty and from all these recommended locations I can give you the guarantee that you will be treated honestly there. If you have a different opinion, feel free to contact me via facebook or email .


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