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    1. The big five for life
    2. Tebliğ ve Metod
    3. Panic attacks and anxiety
    4. İslam'a nasıl davet edelim
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Today is again a weather that paralyzes the traffic. Yesterday was nothing and this morning it started to snow like crazy ..


As a child I had seen a book with children’s stories and asked my grandfather to buy it for me. He did it and I finished reading it the same day. I liked that the one written in the book can be shown in his imagination. In front of his eyes. After that I’ve read many novels and books about Islamic basic knowledge.

Book Filter …

At some point I realized that things in the Islamic books can not be right. Certain things were over- and certain things under- stated. Since then I’ve decided to research the author for every book I read. What kind of education he has, if he writes his books as a living, etc. After that, a lot of books have wandered into the paper waste.

What I read

I take turns reading Islamic and non-Islamic books. In the Islamic books, I look closely at who writes them and can now distinguish whether the person has written his book with knowledge or just rattles off something. For other textbooks such as health, technology finance etc. the opposite is the case. I have to rely on recommendations.

I’ve gotten more and more away from novels and other fantasy books. I think the time is too good for reading an invented story of which I have nothing. I once talked to a co-worker about the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fans, and he put it in a nutshell:

Imagine all the people who know all about the fantasy of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. If these people had ever dealt with real things and read and learned about a real culture. What that would have been for a collection of knowledge!

The chronological order

I read an Islamic book, then a non-Islamic book. So I always switch between Islamic and non-Islamic. In the Islamic textbooks, I read the books of certain scholars one by one. Among them are eg Fethi Yeken, Said Havva or Ömer Nasuhi bilmen. For non-Islamic books, I read a lot. These are books about health sometimes about psychology and sometimes just a biography.

Advantages of books

The main advantage of books is that there is no censorship. In the digital age, it is getting easier to manipulate books or banish them from the Internet. But if a book is analogous to you, it is the unfiltered version of the writer’s thoughts. If you have the original of a book in front of you, it can not be manipulated. You can take it anywhere and you do not need a battery. I also once read an article about how a person can learn faster and more through analogue books than if they read contributions from the digital display. These are just a few advantages …

The last books I have read

The big five for life

This was recommended by a friend. It’s about how to run a business. However, when I learned that this is a fictional story, I lost my appetite.

Tebliğ ve Metod

This book is about how best to mediate Islam. Interesting, considering that it was mostly about being a role model.

Panic attacks and anxiety

I have read this book, because these states are seen astonishingly often in humans. I wanted to know more about what such people feel in such situations.

İslam’a nasıl davet edelim

Here as well as at Tebliğ ve Metod. I love how this scholar (Fethi Yeken) writes his books. He always brings the things to the point and leads you incredibly well through the topics. I finished this book today

My next book

becomes Gerçek Tıp (true medicine) by dr. Aidin Salih. I first heard about this doctor when she released several people from cancer through several days of fasting. She also speaks of cupping. A really interesting woman with very interesting theses. Let’s see if her book convinces me ..

That’s it from me again. Good night and see you tomorrow.


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