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  1. The beginning of digital assistants
  2. The start of bixby
  3. How it went with bixby
    1. bixby
    2. Google Assistant
    3. What does bixby have in common with IE?
    4. How is bixby going now?

Bixby is the virtual assistant programmed and brought out by Samsung. It’s almost the same as the Google Assistant, except that it’s open source. However, Samsung has done everything wrong that could be done wrong and now suffers immensely.

The beginning of digital assistants

Through the incredibly fast development of artificial intelligence, Google has demonstrated its technological advances by setting a milestone. This time it was the Google assistant, which is also integrated in Google home and also in modern cars. The Google Assistant is designed to make simple work a digital assistant, so you do not have to worry about it. Application examples are:

  • Set alarm clock when you are already in bed.
  • Write WhatsApp messages while driving a car.
  • Call someone.
  • Query simple questions like bills or historical events.

Meanwhile, it’s evolving so much that you can even change your home to run completely with these wizards. Houses that support this technology are called Smart Homes. The integration into smart watches makes things even more interesting and, of course, takes on completely different proportions. Sooner or later, each of the watch carriers will carry a Smart Watch. Owning an old analog clock will be the same as when I quote Elon Musk to riding a horse.

He made this statement to autonomously driving cars. He has said that in the future everyone will drive such cars and driving conventional cars will be the same as riding a horse. You do not need it but it’s cool.

The start of bixby

Samsung has fixed bixby on all Samsung phones installed and added a bixby button. If you press this button, you can communicate with bixby. It works almost like the Google assistant. The mistake, however, is that Samsung bixby has only launched in Chinese and English. Even though all the other assistants already spoke a variety of languages.

Personally, I’ve been using the Google Assistant almost every day for years, and then I got a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus from my girlfriend. There was the bixby button installed and I wanted to test it. I did not get it changed to german. Then I renounced bixby and wanted to put the bixby button on the google assistant. Guess. Samsung does not allow it either. I just had to download an app that tricks the button to Google Assistant. Nevertheless, it always came back to start bixby from time to time.

There is nothing worse than when the manufacturer of a device adds a key on a device, where you always come against but should not. This also applies to Internet Explorer.

How it went with bixby

So. bixby has appeared and the Samsung mobile phone owners of the German-speaking countries had to endure the annoying bixby button and have already befriended Cortana, Alexa or Google Assistant. Samsung has lost all of its potential customers to these competitors, and there is nothing worse for a company when the majority of customers are already accustomed to an alternative product. Because the power of habit plays a bigger role than the service that the service provider provides. Samsung should not have missed the translations, because they are so big …

Here are some key features that the bixby Assistant missed, in my opinion, and which are, in my opinion, killer criteria:


  • 7 languages
  • Can not WhatsApp
  • Can not spell

Google Assistant

  • 23 languages
  • Can Whatsapp
  • Can spell

By “spelling” I mean that bixby has trouble pronouncing single letters. For example, I have had “ia projects” in my calendar and it has only read “— MUTE — projects”.

What does bixby have in common with IE?

  • Both systems have made a bad start.
  • Both systems have missed the rapid technological development and today try to catch up with everything that is possible.
  • Both systems recognize that they have not only been outdated, but have now been surpassed several times by the competition.
  • Both systems proverbially beg the user not to switch to the competition.
  • Both systems somehow inattentively try to force the users not to use the competition.
  • Both systems copy the competition systems from Google

How is bixby going now?

It was written in the book The Twenty-Twenty Commandments in Marketing by Jack Trout that the most important thing is to be the first one on the market with a product or service, and if you’re not the first one, you should at stand out in quality so much that the customer decides for your product.

The problem with these two systems, however, is that they can not present innovative achievements, but rather poorly copy the products of competitors. In the end, the manufacturers have just developed a cheap copy of the original that not even a significant proportion of users use in everyday life.


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