Beautiful viewpoint in Heimbach

Until now the most beautiful in the Ruhr area I have seen.

  1. Kermeter
  2. The path
  3. Tour highlight

For this weekly walk, we decided ourselves for Heimbach. I’ve seen the pictures on Komoot and wanted to see if that really looks like on the photos.

After an hour of driving we arrived at the parking lot. Even though it’s not listed on Google Maps at the time I write this post, you should know that there is a parking spot at this point 😀

As we arrived, there were only a maximum of three cars. I assume that the
storm and carnival are responsible for the few cars.


We actually had a strict route, but we noticed something right at the beginning of our route. There were footbridges where you could walk along and on the way were stations where you could play records explaining what you might see in your immediate area with a bit of luck. Mega cool! I’ll definitely go there with my nieces and nephews.

The path

The path was consistently a pedestrian street, shielded by trees to the left and right. Despite heavy rainfall just before our arrival, we have not seen a single puddle or mud pool in the entire nearly 5 kilometers. It was very pleasant and quiet. During the walk, we did not even meet people who decided to go for a walk there.

On the way you could see so-called Sinnesliegen with sayings on them. This is beautiful because in the summer I can really imagine lying on the chairs and resting. The tall trees would also protect you from direct sunlight. Here are two photos.

Tour highlight

In the Komoot app, we were already have been refered that a highlight will come soon. We already saw it coming closer and it already looked incredibly beautiful from the distance …

In the pictures, the beauty of this place does not really stand out. If you look at the next photo, you will not be able to imagine how beautiful that has been. Theese many trees you see in the picture look like straw trees, even though they were really big trees that are several times bigger than me ..

Finally we went back and were accompanied on the way back to the car by trees left and right. I can well imagine that this place in the summer is incredibly beautiful but also have the fear that it will be too crowded. We will see.


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