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I rented a bike for the first time on vacation 😅 This is my review ...

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Today me and my wife wanted to get out of Kamperland and see something different. We decided to rent bikes and searched the Internet for providers.

Be on the move

We found Be on the move, but the online was written that the store is closed Sundays. We drove over anyway to convince ourselves.

Once there, a very nice woman greeted us and helped us immediately. We rented two e-bikes and it cost us only 35 Euros. A deposit was not required. You could either pay by card or cash. A deposit is required only in high season times. I asked the woman to give me the price list so that I could share it in the blog and she gave it to me:

The rent goes through the whole day until 8 pm. At 8pm the company scores its gates.

It is also good to know that I was allowed to leave my car there and take it back after bringing my bike back. If you have parked your car there, you can not drive out after 8pm, because a barrier is closed.

We rode with these bicycles to Vrouwenpolder. Have eaten an ice cream and drove little bit more. With the bicycles we had no problems at all. I would recommend you a checklist anyway if you rent a bike:

  • Check tire pressure
  • Check the battery level on the battery
  • Test the lock
  • Test the brakes
  • Seat comfort test


I’ve never rented a bike before on vacation. However, this first time has even made me think about whether I should even buy an e-bike for myself. In good weather, it is incredibly fun and you are with your family together in the fresh air on the company.

So if you have not already done so, I would recommend it to you. I had a lot of fun!


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