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How I looked for my rental apartments and what I would recommend to you

  1. The search
    1. Your profile
    2. Gain plus points
    3. Request text
  2. The viewing
    1. Your appearance
    2. Be prepared
  3. The last sentence
  4. The criteria
  5. Conclusion

Recently, a friend asked me how I always managed to get such good apartments and I explained it to him. Of course, I also wanted to write down my current level of knowledge for my blog so that you know if you are looking for an apartment.

Please keep in mind that I only write down my own experiences. The information is also largely inspired by real estate owners. I know a few people and I had asked what they are looking for.

The search

Your profile

I have searched my apartments mainly on the page immobilienscout24.de. There I created a profile and completely revised it.

It is very important that you have a complete profile. Many landlords are private individuals and they look at your profile more closely if they are interested in you.

My current landlord had looked at my profile and also looked at the website of my employer. After that he asked me some questions in the first inspection.

Gain plus points

Immobilienscout offers the opportunity to improve its initial impression by offering some services.

For example, you can enter your account details and it will be confirmed on the profile that you regularly transfer your rents.

One can also attach a Schufa information in his profile.

I have always used these services so that the future landlord can see that I am transferring all my rents clean.

Request text

In my request text, I have always written the main arguments that are interesting for a landlord. I collected this information from real estate owners. Remember. Intrinsic stinking stinks!

No one is interested in whether you are a smart mind or oh so great.

Among other things, I have always written that I am looking for a long lease and that I am looking for a quiet stay.

This information signals to the landlord that he does not have to worry about a new tenant for a long time and that you are a quiet tenant. So you don’t cause stress. Of course, this information must also agree with you.

The viewing

Everything written and said so far was just digital. If you have a viewing appointment, it means for the landlord that he wants to get to know you.

A viewing is like a date after a chat. Like a job interview after an application.

Your appearance

You should already pay attention to how and with whom you participate in this appointment. Even if your companion will not live there with you, that means for the landlord that this person “belongs to your circle”.

In my opinion, it is recommended to show up alone. If someone is going to live there with you, you should not take that person with you. Otherwise no one.

Any other person would mean that you will not make the decision yourself and that could cast a bad picture on you.

Be prepared

If you’re going to a viewing, that means you’re one step ahead of the contract. This means that you should think about what the landlord might ask you and think about simple answers.

Imagine with the answers you think about, humbly as if you are the landlord. Would you accept someone like that in your apartment?

Where does the money come from? How will you finance the rent? Do you have backups? What renovations do you want to do? Are you going to need a plumber? If so, who will it be? To what extent will you live there? Are you dependent on your partner for the rent?

The last sentence

The last sentence you hear from the landlord is the most important sentence. You should really pay attention to that.

If he says that many people have applied for this apartment and he would like to have a look at them, you can look for other apartments the same day.

But when he says that many people apply and you should make a quick decision, it means you are able to sign right away.

The criteria

Of course, everyone has his own criteria when it comes to renting his apartment or house. Therefore, you should take the reason of the rejection in a cancellation and always incorporate in future applications.

This saves you time and nerves. If you do not fit these criteria out of fear you’ll get a cancellation either way so it’s not worth it.


I have written down my experiences here and whether you are looking for your apartment according to these criteria is up to you.

The most important in this text is humility. No landlord wants to have someone in his apartment who thinks he is better than others. Because such people only mean problems for the future.

I hope I could help you with this post and would be happy to hear from you if you have something I forgot to mention here. Just write an email to info@talhasariyuerek.com


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