Altın Pansiyon Denizli (☆☆☆☆☆) [Experience]

If homeless people have better accommodation than you in a hotel

  1. The NoGo sentence
  2. The room
  3. Check out
  4. Conclusion

We arrived in Denizli and were curious, what a hotel awaits us. Our hotel was right near Denizli bus station so we just walked there.

Normally I hate the sentence when someone says: If I could, I would give zero stars, but that’s not possible. In this case, unfortunately, I have to fall back on this sentence, as you probably noticed on the title.

The NoGo sentence

Once there, we were told by the woman at the front desk exactly what you never want to hear after a reservation. Your reserved room is currently not available.

The woman offered to give us a room until the next day and from “tomorrow” we would have come to our room. We agreed and got a key.

The room

When we came in, me and my wife got a shock. I’ll share some pictures with you so you understand what we’re talking about here.

The hall leads to our room
These objects were visible in the hallway
The floor, when you came in the room.
The entrance area
The blanket
The floor in the room
Under bed number 1
Under bed number 2
Between bed and bedside table
The bath
The shower
The mirror
The wash basin
The toilet

We were sad because we were very exhausted and had to fight with this now. We were angry, because we are ever offered such a room.

Check out

We took these pictures and went straight down to check out. We were denied our money and asked to contact

We did not spend another minute in this hotel and left. has asked us to send them the photos and as soon as there is a result I will share it on my blog.


I think it is incredible that such a hotel exists and somehow I am also angry that such a hotel may even be listed on

I think hotels like these are destroying the business of and I hope is not so focused on commissions that they ignore such a case.

We finally found another hotel and are still there. We are satisfied with this hotel and hope that we will never be so disappointed by again.


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