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  1. How do you define morality?
  2. What happens if not?
  3. Identify with the company
  4. Conclusion

I actually wanted to write today about how I got my Raspberry Pi to communicate with my arduino via Python … Unfortunately I had to format my Raspberry Pi and did not have the files backed up. I will try to program the communication tomorrow and then share it with you here.

Today we had a detailed conversation with friends where we shared our thoughts on how a leader should be. I think the most important thing, a leader needs to have is self-criticism. Many fall for the mistake of believing that they no longer have anything to learn as a leader, thereby stopping the company’s innovative ideas. However, when everyone pursues his profession and the manager trusts the profession of his colleagues, great things can be created. I have seen many different bosses. Worked in in a factory, a boutique, a bank, a software agency, an advertising agency or a mosque. It always worked well when the morale of the employees was correct, and bad, if not.

How do you define morality?

The morale of each employee is determined by what he thinks, how much he can contribute to the company. The more an employee feels that they are making something up in the company, the more he will strive to accomplish one task and surpass himself again and again.

What happens if not?

If an employee or a member feels that his job and his existence within a company is indifferent, he will be there only because of the money or duty. He will not bring in new ideas or identify himself with the company.

Identify with the company

It is incredibly important that every member and employee of a company identifies himself with the organization. For example, in my job this means that when my boss presents a website that I have programmed, I need to be able to empathize with him to make sure that the website works perfectly during the presentation. If something goes wrong, that shame must hit me first. If the boss can rely on it to that extent, the company will work by itself.

Let’s take a factory worker as a counterexample. I know this, because I worked for a while in a factory myself. People do not care how the product arrives at the customer. They are only there to fill their hours worked. Anyway, if they cancel, there will be someone else who does the work. Because the workers anyway have the feeling that they make something up in the company, it does not bother you to call in sick longer times.


If you want your company, or your community to work well, you first have to admit that you have to learn. If you have difficulties with it, you have to practice it.

Second, you have to leave the work to those who are more experienced than you are in it. These people will make better decisions, even if, as a manager, you can not see that decision at first glance.

The last thing you have to do is make everyone feel that he or she is counting. That everybody is special for the company and has a role in it. Otherwise, he will feel that he is indifferent to the company. This makes the company indifferent to him.

Good morning and see you tomorrow!


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