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Today i’ve finished the book True Medicine from the doctor Aidin Salih and I have to say honestly that i’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Opinions vary widely on the internet when it comes to theories of this doctor. You can see comments of people who have practiced their practice but also read insults directed to Ms. Aidin Salih.

When I started this book, I said I was curious if this book would convince me. However, when I read the first few pages, I was so overwhelmed by the sentences that i’ve immediately told my wife about it. Ms. Aidin Salih has already confirmed on the first pages all that I had previously had in my mind. Some of these thoughts I already mentioned in this blog.

I could not believe that a woman who has studied medicine confirms exactly what I have thought for years.

Who is this woman?

Mrs. Aidin Salih is a Ukrainian. She was born in Brusovka and had studied biology and medicine. At some point she started to study the Islamic medicine teachings and came across interesting facts, such as that the human body can overcome most diseases by fasting. She finally converted to Islam at the age of 40 and has deepened her studies of Islamic medicine more and more.

For example, cupping has been brought back to life in Turkey, and the people who have had it, produced a great deal of fruit. She has also brought the interval fasting back into the culture.

She is a headscarf wearer and had lived in Turkey. That is why I believe that many people approach her theses in an unbiased way and do not take them seriously. I think that they think a headscarf woman could not have made anything like the motto: how dare you question modern medicine and the millions of professors.


The book covers all sorts of topics. It’s about sexual intercourse, pregnancy, childbirth, baby nutrition, psychology, cancer and simple diseases such as headache and cuts.

She describes herbal remedies for all sorts of diseases. This means that in the whole book, to no disease, even one drug was written down, but everything is solved with herbal remedies.

An example

My favorite is veins cleaning. I will do that as soon as I have the necessary materials and time. It goes like this:

  1. Take a garlic head and grind it. This is mixed with a glass of olive oil. Leave it one day.
  2. After 24 hours, sift it out and mix 30g of this oil with 30g of pressed lemon juice every day.
  3. You are not allowed to eat or drink for an hour afterwards.
  4. Until the afternoon prayer you can either eat only apples or, according to season, cherries, sour cherries or strawberries.
  5. After the afternoon prayers you can then eat normal again.

This is done for 3 weeks and should have cleaned veins in the end … I’m curious.


Her medicine is not brought closer to people, either in the Turkish nor in the world media. Because of this, it is unfortunately not possible to find people who have found recovery through these practices. Because of this, one either trusts the people who have already done these practices or one tries himself. I’ve searched on YouTube and actually seen people trying to tell their story through this platform.

Last year, I had my cupped in Turkey and also gained a lot of benefits. The boy who did that once did not believe in that, but eventually his father got cancer. He was advised to be cupped and to have 7 sessions. The father did it and at the 7th session yellow fluid came out of his back. The cancer disappeared and the boy then dealt more with cupping.

As already mentioned, I did that and since then I have had no problems getting up early in the morning. I get up at 5:30am every day and have no problem with it, no matter what time I go to sleep.

Interval fasting

What Mrs. Aidin Salih puts the most on is interval fasting. It is mentioned in almost every chapter. You teach your body not to eat. She says that every disease comes from what we eat orally. That’s why she described a program in the book on how at the you don’t eat food for 10 days. This should allow the body to better focus on the diseases and extract them from the body.

Another cancer researcher has also tested it and concluded that fasting causes the body to consume the cancer cells because it can not use anything else as an energy source. That was hard for me to understand and that’s why I googled it. I found this woman Melis Can who was ordered and who did that.

In the following video you will see the woman on her 9th day while fasting. Keep in mind that patients are allowed to drink during this time but only drink minimal portions of vegetable stock.

She endured it and in the end she was freed from her illness. Because people on YouTube have been asking so much about whether she’s still alive, she has put a video online to show everyone that she’s doing better:

It has to be remembered that this woman went to hospital and they put her on a very aggressive therapy because of suspicion of vasculitis, meningitis or MS. Because of these strong medicines, she had problems with several organs, including the liver. And then a woman comes and says that she has to fast only 10 days and it’s all over. She does it and is freed from her illnesses. That’s incredible.


I could still write at least this text is going, but I have to come to a conclusion slowly. I read the book and found it incredible. It will definitely accompany me for a lifetime and I will personally apply the healing methods given there. I would recommend it to anyone and if it was in German, I would even give it to many friends. I hope that it will eventually be translated into German, so that the practices rech the German-speaking communities.


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