Advertising interfaces compared 2019

Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google Ads

  1. The interfaces
    1. The best interface (Twitter)
    2. Facebook
    3. Google Ads
  2. Conclusion

I wrote my thoughts about the events in New Zealand a few days ago and posted them on my blog.

For this purpose, I also created and published a promotion on facebook and on Google in the next morning. The promotions looked like this:

The interfaces

The best interface (Twitter)

So Twitter definitely has the easiest-to-use advertising interface. I have already posted $ 138 worth of advertising on Twitter and have gained my first experiences …

Although Twitter provides a more pleasant interface, it has a very different problem. There are a lot of bots on the platform and you can not be sure if people really like your posts or not.

Another good feature has been that on Twitter I had the option to specify a complete expense. For example, I was able to run an advertisement for a whole month and just say that it should end up costing just €50. Everything else was automatically regulated by Twitter.


On Facebook I have already left almost 40 € and have to say that this interface is very similar to the one in Twitter …

You can easily create campaigns, select a target audience, and then design your ad. On Facebook i found it really good that during the creation process you were constantly accompanied by the system and that you have been given tips on how to make your ad even better. And at the end it was even shown if my ad is qualitative or not.

However, the biggest advantage of Facebook is that people share all kinds of information with Facebook. This means that you can analyze exactly who you want to see your ads who don’t. Where these people should come from and what interests they should have. You can be sure, unlike Twitter, that these likes are real. I looked at the profiles and could not identify any bots.

Google Ads

The most difficult and extensive of the entire advertising surfaces was the Google Ads interface. I came very quickly to despair and the creation of promotions were not fun at all …

It was completely filled with buttons and text input fields. It used terms that I have not read anywhere else and that has completely messed me up. I’m sure Google Ads is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to achieve amazing results, but it’s far too complicated for newcomers like me, so I put it all the way down.


In the end, I still managed to advertise on all platforms and these have become relatively successful even for the small budget. Tomorrow I will present you the numbers, so that you can also estimate what you get for how much.


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